Experiences of a FileMaker Pro Database Developer



FileMaker Pro version 11 has new charting options. These are nicely integrated directly in the layout options. For simple charts, FileMaker's built-in options are a great choice. I needed something a bit more powerful and interactive. My solution … [Continue reading]

Find FileMaker Developers

Looking for a developer, start here first at Find FileMaker Developers: http://www.findfilemakerdevelopers.com. … [Continue reading]

FileMaker Inc.

FileMaker, Inc.

It's inevitable that you'll need to visit FileMaker's site. Wether you need to search the knowledge base, solutions made for FileMaker (databases and plug-ins) or download resources like white papers and other technical material, this is where you'll … [Continue reading]

Brian Gardner’s STUDIOPRESS

The best WordPress themes out there are by Brian Gardner and his creative team at Studiopress. The new Genesis Framework is the only way to go if you are developing a site using WordPress. Their themes are like my databases, clean, clear, concise and … [Continue reading]

Dr. Ray Cologon’s Demos

FileMaker Pro Bible

Ray's FileMaker work is impeccable and a must have resource for anyone developing in FileMaker Pro. Make sure to check out his FileMaker Pro 10 Bible as well as his demos here: http://www.nightwing.com.au/FileMaker/demos.html. … [Continue reading]

How do you “fit” report layouts to a page?

There is no easy way to scale FileMaker layouts, and this is a huge nuisance especially when you have to add a field to a report that has already been tweaked to fit the page just right. Scaling in page setup is not always an option, especially … [Continue reading]

Beware if you change a server-side script name

If you setup server-side scripts and everything is working fine. Then, for some reason, you rename the script, the server schedule will "loose" the script and an error will be generated saying it cannot be found. This is so "unlike" FileMaker … [Continue reading]

Server-Side Script Abort Fails to Disconnect

A new feature in FileMaker Server 11 is the ability to set a time limit on a script. When the time limit is reached, the script is supposed to abort and quit running. This feature works great most of the time, but sometimes it doesn't. For one client … [Continue reading]

Plug-in Deactivated

Recently, the Scriptmaster plug-in deactivated itself and would no longer work. I tried checking off the plug-in to activate, but it said something like Java was not running. I thought the problem was due to a recent upgrade with Parallels on my Mac … [Continue reading]


Today I'm working on some report glitches. I still haven't tracked down the specific problem and I may need to wait when I'm onsite next week. I'm re-running the reports as I'm logged in remotely. I'm currently working in a live development … [Continue reading]