Experiences of a FileMaker Pro Database Developer

Unresolved (

Deep in a calculation, we've all been there trying to find the missing left or right parenthesis, among other things. After racking our brains, we sometimes just need a little relief and some humor to break up the day. Check out other comic relief at … [Continue reading]

Working Around Table View Limits

After digging a bit, I found the Table View column limits and I see they have not changed. FileMaker Pro is limited to 99 fields/columns. I wish this information was somewhere else besides the Technical Specifications. In the help, it would be nice … [Continue reading]

Best FileMaker Server RAID Configuration

RAID 10 is recommended for FileMaker Server, a combination of redundancy and mirroring and gives the best performance. If you have RAID 1, mirrored, and separate RAID 5 or 10, the OS should be on the RAID 1 and FileMaker and the Live databases on … [Continue reading]

Configuring FileMaker Server Cache

Fine tuning FileMaker Server cache can greatly improve performance in a large or heavily used solution. So, what is the optimal cache setting? I find that the general rule for setting cache is to set the RAM to the recommend setting that FileMaker … [Continue reading]

FileMaker Server Bottlenecks

One of my clients is running FMS on Windows 2003 Server on a maxed out box that is extremely fined tuned. I rarely see the processors over 7%, although at times one of the 8 cores maxes out. The same goes for memory and networking. Although network … [Continue reading]

Improve Finds

When the constrain find option first came out, I was able to drastically speed up some search routines. Finds with exact field matches (==) were being used and it was SLOOOW when running on a table with over a million + records. Removing the exact … [Continue reading]

Prevent Error 101, Server-Side

When running a script to loop through records and you have the Exit after last checked, you get a 101 error message, record is missing. I "understand" this is supposedly expected behavior, however to me it's an erroneous error since you have the box … [Continue reading]

Data Interchange

Recently I've been working on exports from FileMaker that are being used to import into other systems. FileMaker is great at accepting and interpreting many formats, but not so true the other way around. I find it interesting how inflexible those … [Continue reading]

Normalizing Data with Google Refine

If you have messy data, try Google Refine. There is nothing like dealing with messy data that is all over the place. We often have to normalize the data before importing and this is a great tool to help with data normalization. … [Continue reading]


Highcharts are interactive JavaScript charts. These can be displayed in any browser and can also be viewed directly in FileMaker using the web viewer. Click here to see how I recently used Highcharts. Make sure to check out the demo gallery to see … [Continue reading]