Experiences of a FileMaker Pro Database Developer

FileMaker Server, Please Abort Cancelled Finds!

I'm usually not one that likes to rant or get on a soapbox. I find this unproductive and I'm not really sure it does much to contribute, plus I feel that most readers don't like a complainer. However, there is one topic that I'm in a uproar … [Continue reading]

Helping Our Soldiers Quit Smoking, Part 2

Recommendations for Resources: Where to start with FileMaker Pro This is part 2 of a case study that will follow the development of a FileMaker database by a military psychiatrist to assist with his smoking cessation program for his Marines & … [Continue reading]

Helping our Soldiers Quit Smoking, Part 1

*This is part 1 of a case study that will follow how we get organized and setup a relational database with FileMaker Pro. Today was an interesting day and one that makes me a bit more proud to be an American. Although I have relatives and friends … [Continue reading]

Import Fails on FileMaker Server

Yep, it got me last night. I wrote a script to import data into a reporting system (post coming soon on optimizing reporting). It worked fine on FileMaker Pro client, but failed when I implemented the script to run server-side. I thought I would add … [Continue reading]

Know Who Your Users Are

Businessteam at a meeting

I can't stress how important it is to know who your users are and what they do. When developing custom apps, regardless what the underlying programming is, it's so important to know how the user is going to use what you build. It's even more … [Continue reading]

Loopy Windows

This might be obvious to many, but sometimes the obvious just isn't so obvious especially if you are deep in your project. I have a list of records that have 12 fields that I needed to split into 12 separate records within the same table. I wrote a … [Continue reading]

Preparing to Plant – Part 2

Organic Gardening

After the initial gathering, the first thing I do is jot down all the pieces to what I think will be in the system. For a project like organic farming, and learning what Donna wants to track, these are the pieces that I came up with, in no specific … [Continue reading]

Creating QR Codes with FileMaker


This QR Code generator developed in FileMaker Pro is free and unlocked so it can be used in your own solution. The QR Code is still popular today, especially when used with smart phones to quickly launch a website for more information. The website … [Continue reading]

Getting Down and Dirty – Part 1


Donna Long from the Ponca Hills area just north of Omaha, Nebraska contacted me by posting a comment on my company website about using FileMaker Pro to help run their small organic farm operation. I thought this project would be a great case study on … [Continue reading]

Annoying Windows Flash

Ever notice when a record is refreshed there is an annoying flash when using FileMaker in Windows? The Refresh Window command only refreshes data. It does not redraw the screen. However, under Windows, whenever the data is refreshed an annoying flash … [Continue reading]