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Server-Side Script Abort Fails to Disconnect

A new feature in FileMaker Server 11 is the ability to set a time limit on a script. When the time limit is reached, the script is supposed to abort and quit running. This feature works great most of the time, but sometimes it doesn’t. For one client of mine, I’m experiencing real problems with server-side scripts aborting based on my time-out settings, but not disconnecting. I’m running FMS v11.02 on Windows 2003 Server.
I set the abort in order that the scripts do not take too long to run. Based on the number of entries, the scripts will take longer. Mondays are particularly heavy based on entering data for 3 days (Friday, Saturday, Sunday data). When the scripts do not disconnect, the next time the scripts runs (every 15 and 30 minutes), this causes multiple instances of the scripts showing as though they are running. I believe they are still running in some fashion based on my processor load.
I try to disconnect them and I’m able to with some instances, but not others. The only way I’ve been able to definitely disconnect them is to stop the server, restart the machine and start the server again. I also know that I will need to run a backup first because the databases will not close properly nor will FMS stop properly. This is based on experience and similar situations in the past.
I cannot pinpoint when this will happen, but it has happened numerous times and usually after the Server has been running consistently for about 2 weeks or more. When it happens, users complain about slow performance and multiple processors are showing heavy use.
By the way, my procedures involve ALWAYS running a backup before closing databases and stopping FMS. I’ve been burned too many times.

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