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Plug-in Deactivated

Recently, the Scriptmaster plug-in deactivated itself and would no longer work. I tried checking off the plug-in to activate, but it said something like Java was not running. I thought the problem was due to a recent upgrade with Parallels on my Mac and the Windows version just wasn’t happy. I tried updating the plug-in, removing all other plug-ins and nothing seemed to work.

I’ve been using the Scriptmaster plug-in by 360 Works in order to help stitch together multiple PDF documents. Some PDFs are existing documents and some are generated from FileMaker Pro. I learned the technique from Matt Petrowsky’s Combing PDFs – The Blazing Fast Method. The process works great and is very quick. I also use 3 other plug-ins; Dacon’s Mailit! and FileFire Advanced and Troi’s Dialog plug-in.

A week later, the client’s machine had the same problem. Now I had to solve the issue. I worked with 360’s support and we took all the plug-ins out and then we were able to activate the Scriptmaster plug-in again. I swear I did the same thing and it didn’t work for me, but go figure, that’s the way it happens. After ScriptMaster was running fine again, I added each plug-in back, one at a time. Each time I would quit and restart FileMaker Pro just to make sure all the plug-ins worked and were activated. I was able to put all plug-ins back and everything worked again.

I’m not sure why this happened, a possible crash or something, and I’m not sure why taking these steps got Scriptmaster to work again. It’s possible there is some kind of FileMaker Plug-in preference that got corrupt and just performing these steps solved the issue.

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