Experiences of a FileMaker Pro Database Developer


Today I’m working on some report glitches. I still haven’t tracked down the specific problem and I may need to wait when I’m onsite next week. I’m re-running the reports as I’m logged in remotely.

I’m currently working in a live development situation and bugs get worked out as users begin using new features. These new batch of reports are quite complicated and take a while to run since information is gathered from many sources. In the report module, records are supposed to get deleted and then updated and new records are imported. This assures that we are working with the latest and greatest information.

This week, a new user ran the reports, so I’m suspecting it might be a user privilege setting and this user doesn’t have access to delete the records. I think this user just might have the wrong privilege set assigned in Active Directory which means I have to adjust the privileges to allow deleting in the table or assign her to a new group. I can’t stress the importance of testing, test and then test again — then deploy!

More on the caveats of developing in a live hosted environment in future posts.

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