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Creating QR Codes with FileMaker and KAYWA API



I want to thank Kevin Murphy for submitting his FileMaker QR Code solution using the KAYWA API for creating QR Codes. With the fate of Google’s API for creating QR Codes unknown, it’s good to see alternative solutions. Kevin’s recent submission has spark me to look into creating a self contained QR Code generator within FileMaker. I hope to use the ScriptMaster plugin along with HTML5 to create QR Codes without needing to be connected to the Internet and use an API.

Kevin wrote:

We’re building an application that needs Web URL QR Codes generated in it, and I happened across your solution.  I noticed that you were concerned about the Google API going away, but looked through your code with some interest.  At the risk of telling you something you already know, I thought I would share what we eventually figured out for our solution.

I happened across kaywa.com, and they have a reasonable API for generating QR Codes.  It turns out that they have a direct URL for creating just a web URL QR Code – exactly what I was hoping to find.

We are developing in FMPA12, so while we grit our teeth through some of the growing pains, we benefit from several of the new functions.  One of the new script steps – Insert from URL – greatly simplifies the process of generating QR codes from URLs – as long as you have a simplified URL to draw them from.

I’ve attached a very quick sample file, if you’re into FMP12.

You can download Kevin’s sample file here:


About Kevin Murphy: Kevin is a typical FileMaker Pro developer that loves FileMaker because it just gets the job done. He is the IT Team Manager for Hancock Lumber Company in Casco, Maine.

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