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Import Fails on FileMaker Server

Yep, it got me last night. I wrote a script to import data into a reporting system (post coming soon on optimizing reporting). It worked fine on FileMaker Pro client, but failed when I implemented the script to run server-side. I thought I would add the routine to the nightly updates so any changed or new entries would automatically get updated into the Report System overnight. It’s all part of optimizing reporting so the user doesn’t have to wait for large updates to run when generating a report, only changed or new data.

So, why did it fail? FileMaker Server can’t import from one table to another when the files are hosted. Bummer and I forgot this. I’ll be re-writing the script to follow an export and import routine. Steven Blackwell and Wim Decorte wrote a great post on Server Side Import and Exports that I’ll be sure to follow. It helps clarify what can and can’t be accomplished. For the knowledge base article on the subject, check out ID 7035.


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