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Annoying Windows Flash

Ever notice when a record is refreshed there is an annoying flash when using FileMaker in Windows? The Refresh Window command only refreshes data. It does not redraw the screen. However, under Windows, whenever the data is refreshed an annoying flash occurs, especially when the window is not maximized. There are many situations where we need the data refreshed and updated, but there has been no way to prevent the flashing.

Good news, with FileMaker 11 the Freeze Window script step updates the screen without the flashing. Just add a Freeze Window script step whenever you need data refreshed within your scripting. As long as you do not need to Flush cached join results or Flush cached SQL data, then use Freeze Window instead of Refresh Window.

When a script ends that has a Freeze Window step in it, and a Refresh Window step was not used after the Freeze Window, FileMaker Pro automatically refreshes the screen. I find this quite interesting that this particular refresh window will not cause the window flashing. Here’s hoping that FileMaker will fix the flashing caused by the Refresh Window command in the near future.

Special thanks to Darren Terry, Jason DeLooze and Howard Schlossberg for helping me clarify, test and sort this out.

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  1. In a FileMaker 9 project some years back, I solved this issue (discovered by accident) by toggling the height of the window by one pixel. I am not sure if this would still work, or would address the flash associated with Refresh Window. Worth a try though.

    Darren Burgess

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