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Working Around Table View Limits

After digging a bit, I found the Table View column limits and I see they have not changed. FileMaker Pro is limited to 99 fields/columns. I wish this information was somewhere else besides the Technical Specifications. In the help, it would be nice to see it listed under the “Working with data in Table View” subject. Searching the KB is just about pointless, but maybe I don’t understand the search logic. I found my answer in a google search, then I was able to find it in the KB once I knew the KB number. For FileMaker 11, it’s KB #7541.
This limit is also based on the layout width. The limit can be less that 99 if the layout width is at or near the max of 110 inches (7,920 pixels). However, this is also inconsistent. I have a Table View Layout with just 79 fields and the layout width is 89 inches. I had to decrease the column widths just for the newly added fields to show up on the layout and in the Modify Table View window. It would at least be helpful if when you add the field via the Modify window, they were grayed out or somehow indicate they are not visible and cannot be displayed on the layout.
If you’re missing fields in Table View, try decreasing the column widths and see if they show up.

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  1. Thanks for this post. I’ve been head-scratching for a few days about why I couldn’t get extra fields to show in Table view and this fixed it up for me.

  2. It helps me understand the limitation. I have over 150 fields in one table and could only see about 100 fields. Decreasing the width for each field could not help much. Any suggestions?


    • Hi Frank. You can’t get more than 99 fields in table view regardless of the field width. Decreasing the width only helps when displaying 99 fields but less are showing. The maximum layout width is 110 inches (7,920 pixels), but as noted this is also inconsistent.

  3. Tomas Draegni says:

    Thank you for the answer.

  4. Jim Dignan says:

    Thank you very much for sharing this. Four years later and still helping!

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